Friday, January 14, 2011

La Abeja

La Abeja is a small Mexican panaderia (bakery) and restaurant.  I didn't see hours listed, but it only seems to be open for breakfast and lunch.  As you walk in, you are greeted by racks of fresh Mexican dessert breads, and as you eat, you'll likely see the bakers bring out even more.

Beyond the breads, the menu is filled with Mexican staples.  While it is entirely in Spanish, the woman tending the counter spoke English and was happy to explain any of the items.

We had a smothered carnitas burrito, a lengua taco, and a pastor taco.  The burrito was large, filled with plenty of meat.  The green sauce it was smothered in had a delicious spicy kick.  While not extraordinary, it was a better burrito than you'll get at many places.

The street style tacos were quite flavorful and the varieties we tried were just a touch out of the ordinary.  Lengua (tongue) isn't really very different from other beef, but this was tasty and had a good texture, better than what usually gets called "steak" in Mexican food.  The pastor was a marinated pork with pineapple, and was probably the better of the two.

None of it was unlike what you'd get at plenty of other places in town, but it was all tasty and not too expensive.  The drink situation was a little unusual -- there was a cooler with a selection of ethnic drinks.  Prices weren't readily visible, but they seemed to add a couple bucks each to the meal.

I know some people hunt down Mexican coke with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, and La Abeja sold it by the half-liter.  They also had a selection of Jumex "nectar", but that's not so interesting -- you can get that on the Mexican aisle of any grocery store.  Overall, La Abeja's menu is like what you'd find at lots of other places in town, but the follow through is good and the food can be easily recommended.  Also, if you like looking at ceramic chickens, they have a pretty good variety marching along the top of the wall of the dining area.

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