Friday, March 18, 2011

Famous Pizza

Located at 1528 East Colfax Avenue, Famous Pizza serves a menu that extends beyond pizza, and includes staples such as lasagna, spaghetti, calzones and sandwiches. Yet, when the sign says “Famous Pizza”  it is only fitting to focus on the pizza.


At 6:30 the only options available were a spinach with ricotta and a pepperoni slices. Both slices were what I would describe as serviceable. Ample in a time of need, such as a few, or far too many, beers into the night, but nothing I would go out of the way for. The spinach had spent too much time under a heat lamp and 60 seconds in a deck oven was not going to resurrect much flavor. The pepperoni slice dripped grease as expected, much of which had penetrated crust, ruining any of its former crispness.

The dining room is nearly an afterthought. Given the stack pizza it appears that to-go business dominates, so the soiled feel that accompanies the dining-in experience should not have been much of a surprise.



The ubiquitous television, which is such a common occurrence in restaurants I am beginning to wonder if it is a condition of receiving a license, played sports while a painting of John Elway served to remind diners of Denver’s better sporting days.


The idea behind the Colfax Eats project is to experience a diversity of restaurants by eating at places we would otherwise pass by. Famous Pizza is a place I have passed by for years, and will continue to do so. I will eat a variety of pizza but prefer something from a brick oven and features a crisp crust, such as Marcos or Protos, but when that is not available and given the options of better pizza from a traditional oven, I will be headed to Benny Blanco’s or driving across town to Hops and Pie.

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  1. Famous is OK in a pinch but Benny Blanco's is far superior. Another great spot to grab a slice is I < heart > NY Pizza on Leetsdale and Holly.