Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well, one restaurant in and I've already messed up the plan.  We walked right by Shish Kabob Grill and didn't notice it until after dinner.  So I'll have to come back for that next time. 

What we did try was City Grille, located between Grant and Logan on east Colfax, right near the Capitol Building.  They have a small patio overlooking a parking lot in back, but it was full, so we sat inside.  Their sign on the building and menu claim the best burger in Denver, as well as "best in Denver" green chili.  I'm a big green chili fan, but it was just too hot to eat something so soup-like.  It was pretty much burgers all around, though Ted had an Elk burger, which he said was pretty good.  The burgers were greasy and delicious, but probably not the best in town.  Coming up soon, we have the previously mentioned Shish Kabob Grill, Joey's New York Pizza, and Wolfe's Barbeque, as well as a look to the west.

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