Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shish Kabob Grill

Located at the corner of Colfax and Grant, this intersection is home to used books, rent assisted living for the elderly, the coldest beer on the Hill and arguably some of the best middle eastern food in central Denver. The Shish Kabob Grill, whose food is thankfully better than their web design, features your typical menu of hummus, falafel, gyros and shawarma. While the menu hold no surprises, during our visits there, admittedly a statistically insignificant two, no item has disappointed.

The gyro, which is large enough for two, is ensconced in a warm pita smeared with a yogurt sauce, layered with lettuce and spiked with tomato. It is a mix of beef and lamb and carved off the spinning tube of chopped and formed meat that is the hallmark of the gyro.

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The hummus had come highly recommended and did not disappoint. A very creamy texture with a hint of tahini, it is sold in to go containers and I left with 32 oz. The parsley though, while a nice garnish, does not really match the flavor. And since there is nothing offensive about a mixture of chick peas, garlic and tahini, the post meal breath freshener is completely unnecessary.
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The last item we sampled was the fava beans. Not the boldest choice on the menu, I cannot not recommend it, as it was tasty, but it lacked the depth of flavor of their other dishes. I would urge going for something with more spice, more complexity, something simply imbued with more "middle eastern" than this particular dish.

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If you are to believe Yelp, this place serves great food, but treats their employees horribly. As a nation I do not believe we are known for conscientious consumption, which applies to food as well, so go try it out.

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